lunes, 1 de junio de 2009

Welcome to our English CSIC blog!

My name is María Jordano, the creator of this blog and your teacher at the same time. Please, leave me here you email (using comments option) so that you could do the activity propossed in lesson 4.1.

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  1. Hi Maria!
    My name is Pilar de la Torre. I have never written in a blog. I knew that the people were doing it but actually I do not know very well in order that it serves.

  2. Hi María,
    I have never written in a blog, is my first time. I wouldn´t write a personal blog because I prefer to read them. I´m sorry, I´m gossip!!
    Emilia Pérez

  3. Hi María, Emilia and Pilar,

    I have never written un a blog. Nowadays, I read the blogs of my friends but I haven´t a blog. So I read blogs but I don´t write in blogs.


  4. Hi,

    María, please, send me the activity that I have to do.

    See you

  5. Hi María,

    My name is Alicia Rodríguez. I have never written in a blog but I like reading my friends blogs.

  6. My friend Maria had a car accident three years ago. The road was broad but she was deep in thought and the car went off the road. She was well, then she went out to the car. She tried to phone but she hadn´t money in her mobile even for a local phone call. After a lengthy time, a person appeared and helped her. When she arrived at home, she realised how lucky she had: she was alive!

  7. Hi girls!!
    I have never written in a blog either, but it looks a good idea in order to practice English when the course finish. This is the only reason for me to read and write in a blog, because I think is boring. To chat with my friends I prefer messenger.
    See you,

  8. Here is my story:
    There was a cowboy who had a small ranch and he wanted to broaden it. He was to talk to his narrow-minded neighbour and to ask him if he would sell him a part of his land. Of course, the neighbour responds negatively.
    So the cowboy was deep in thought thinking about what he could do during days. Finally he came to the conclusion that if he wanted to expand his ranch and he could do it there, he would have to sell this ranch and buy another bigger in a short-term, despite being taking a big risk. So the cowboy and his wife started to look for lands with breadth and length which they could pay.

  9. Hi Maria,

    I think this blog is a good idea. Using different tools is a funny way to improve our English.

    I'm so sorry, I'm a bit late.


  10. This is a true story about my next future. In two weeks I'll go to climb to the Alps mountains. Most precisely we'll climb the Junfrau and the Monch peaks. Nowadays we are planning the details of the expedition. The first day in the mountain it's for acclimate our bodies to the 4000 meters altitude. We have a low risk, and a high risk option. The first one is just go through the longest glacier of the Alps from one refuge to another in a calm six hours journey. The risky option will be to climb to a medium level peak the same day in a 9 hours activity. Frankly speaking, I think it is too much if we want to continue our activity during 2 days before. Ther first time I saw the photography on the area, its make me a deep impression. But we have to go at the depp end with our schedule.

    Miguel Gonzalez

  11. Hi everybody,

    It is funny because what I was waiting from you were some entries, but it is ok; LOL

    Thak you very much for your participation!!

    María Jordano